Member Education: Proactive Habits for Personal & Professional Success

March 20, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

435 E. Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60611


Howard Wallach

SAVE THE DATE:  Tuesday, March 20, 2018

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Proactive Habits for Personal & Professional Success

Presented by 

Chicago’s HOWARD WALLACH of A-Z Entertainment, Ltd.

Presenter/Thought Leader/Entrepreneur  

ILEA Chicago Members are invited to join us for this private presetnation from the viewpoint of a successful Chicago DJ/Event Producer:

Take charge with energizing mindset changes/disruptive insight with great results. Tailored colorful stories and actionable tips for all event professionals.

As Aristotle famously said, we are what we do repeatedly. Success and happiness are largely the results of practicing good habits. The most important habits are keystone habits; habits which have positive cascading effects throughout your life.

When you notice a trait or habit you dislike in other people, ask yourself if you have that trait/habit as well. Focusing in on other people’s flaws is usually thought of as a bad habit, but it can be a great self-improvement tool if you use it as an opportunity for introspection. Learn to ask yourself, Do I do that too?

Major Takeaway Actions from Presentation

Examples of Good Habits, Daily Hacks including:

  • Stop self-sabotaging behavior
  • Consistent/better communication with your staff, your business pipeline
  • Targeting your existing clients and connections
  • Effective event prep, empathy for other event vendors
  • Dress like the person you want to be
  • Exercise your body and your mind
  • Be decisive. Be at peace with the decisions you make.
  • Give joyfully of your time and resources.
  • Take the time to mentor a person in our field, to volunteer, and to financially support a worthy cause.


This is a great opportunity for members to refocus their mindsets and rekindle the focus and drive for 2018.  Here's a little sneak peak of what Howard has in store for us:   Howard Wallach

Special thanks to the following members for putting this members-only event together:  Jeff DurocherAlysia Pope & the ILEA Chicago Membership Committee


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