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Meet new ILEA Chicago member - Kelly Jandura

Meet new ILEA Chicago member - Kelly Jandura!
09/04/2018 | MAutullo | 0
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Meet new ILEA Chicago member - Audia of Audia Motion and Still

Its very painful for me to write about myself. Not the stick a needle in your eye type pain but I’d rather climb a huge mountain, blindfolded, nude with both hands tied behind my back through a thicket kind of pain. However, I was asked so... Here we go.
07/13/2018 | Vicki | 0
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Meet ILEA Chicago member - Howard Wallach

I personally love discovering great Chicago energy, innovative products & cool services to stay competitive. There is power in being connected and engaged with my peers.
07/13/2018 | Rachel | 0
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