Becoming a Member

Are You Interested in Becoming a Member?

Event People are ILEA People.
ILEA People Create.
ILEA People Connect.
ILEA People Learn.
ILEA People Inspire.
ILEA People Win.

By joining the International Live Events Association, you gain access to an ever-expanding educational and networking resource to answer your questions. Well-known special event professionals who have practical know-how that can help you with your business — ILEA Members, can answer Professional questions and more! Remember that in any profession, information and advancement go hand-in-hand.

ILEA provides more ways than ever to enhance your professional development through:

  • Education & Professional Development
  • Inspiration
  • Collaborative Networking
  • Outward Awareness & Credibility

If you are interested in more information about the Greater Chicago Chapter of the International Live Events Association, please contact us. You can also visit to learn more about the association and access the Membership Application.

Are You a Member Who Wants to Become Active?

The success of the ILEA Chicago Chapter is a result of a dedicated team of individuals who give back to their industry. The benefits of volunteering can be both personal and professional. Being an active member of ILEA gives you the opportunity to get to know your peers, learn new skills from those around you, develop relationships that will help you grow your business opportunities and most importantly, have FUN!

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact us.